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Who is Appraisal Solutions Designed For?

Appraisal Solutions is a leader in Automotive Innovation - Technology and Conversion Software that gives you back the balance of power and allows you to meet your client where they are at whilst allowing instant access to accurate information. Take back control of your deals whilst adding more profit to your business everyday.

Car Dealerships

Take control of your trade ins and valuations. Eliminate mistakes and increase profitability. Trade more cars and increasing your margins. Click here to find out more...

Improve Your Data Flow Whilst Helping Increasing Your Bottom Line!

  • Increase Trade Ins  
    Increase your direct trade ins resulting in increased profit margins versus purchasing direct from the public or from auctions.
  • Increase Profit Per Unit 
    Through improved data collection and client information gathering via the APP the sales person will identify areas to improve negotiations.
  • Complete Accountability 
    For the first time the dealership has direct access via a central portal to every trade in, its price, who valued it, and much much more. 
  • Improve Perceived Professionalism 
    Lift your team to be seen as cutting edge and move on from the prehistoric appraisal pad into the 21st century. Involve the customer in the process via the tablet.
  • Reduce Customer Conflict 
    Achieved in two ways. 1: The client should be part of the valuation process. 2: The client use iPads all the time and so feel comfortable that it is recording the information correctly.
  • Electronic Appraisal Delivery 
    Exchange the "This is what we think your car is worth" on a piece of handwritten paper and now deliver a comprehensive complete six page electronic appraisal resulting in transparency and professionalism as well as viewed as a electronic third party report.
  • VFacts - Glasses Guide - Redbook Vin live Look Up  
    Chassis Number Live Lookup via the APP. Giving you reliable information as to what vehicle you are valuing. Resulting in a reduction in possible wrong model identification which can be an expensive mistake.
  • Registration Look Up - (Pro +)
    Simply enter the State and the Registration number into the App and in addition to Vfacts, Redbook and Glasses Identification you will also get Year of Manufacture, Compliance Date, MY Year Model and external colour. 
  • Remote Client User Access (Pro+) 
    Create access for a remote user to do the appraisal for you via their iPhone and it will appear in your portal to value and respect on delivery. Resulting in a reduction of consumer misdescribed appraisal over the phone and confrontation on delivery.  
  • External Wholesaler Text / Email Appraisal (Pro+)
    Send the written appraisal to your chosen external or internal valuer instantly. They receive a text with a link on their phone and on opening it up can see your appraisal and ring you to price it. Quicker prices with more accuracy and less confrontation.