Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships

In today's New Car Franchise World there are two main challenges that stand out above the rest...

1: Increased Profit Per Unit

2: The Ability To Trade In More Stock 

If you find these these two challenges above an issue, you are not alone. But there is an answer immediately available to you in Mobile Car Appraiser.

Appraisal Solutions' advanced technology "MCA " Mobile Car Appraiser assists you effectively and efficiently by:

Initially meeting the client where they are at . We all agree that consumers have the ability to be potentially better educated today in regards their trade-in. They will often visit websites like Carsales, Red Book, or Glasses Guide just to name a few.

They will then, based on the information they have access to, determine the value of their vehicle. Often this is misleading and results in an unrealistic perceived value of their actual vehicle. 

MCA's Unique combination of psychology and conversation software brings the customer back to a realistic value of their trade-in which allows for the start of a real and more profitable negotiation.

Increases Client Involvement - Whilst reducing possibilites of customer conflict resulting in an increase in profit per unit

An increase in client involvement not only creates a unique point of difference between you and the next dealer, but also results in them having a realistic expectation of the real value of their vehicle whilst reducing customer conflict. In our experience sales people often take a shortcut by not involving their client in the valuation process. 

This is a huge mistake as the client will often tell you more about their vehicle and its prior history as you complete the valuation together. You build more rapport with the client due to the increase in time spent whilst the iPad seems to be an acceptable authority to record information without seeming immediately threatening. This will often result in an acceptance of a realistic price and an increase in deals. The salesman has now "earned the right to do business" and often gets it on his terms. 

Increase in Direct Trade Ins
 - Increasing profit per unit via direct trade in versus purchasing

Dealers have confirmed the average increase in profit per unit when they have traded in a car and then subsequently retailed it versus buying it  at the door or at auction, ranges from $750 - $1500 per unit. With retainable trade-ins decreasing through the dealership as a whole, MCA is a way of reverting this trend and will increase retainable stock resulting in increased profit from the used car stock.

Higher Wholesale Profits from direct trade Ins
Through quality, improved data recording and through improved descriptions of the trade ins via MCA's mobile iPad app,  will result in improved wholesale profits and less batching due to the reduction of sloppy or lost valuations. 

Eliminate unnecessary replication of stock 
Using MCA's direct online portal you can view what trade-ins you have coming in from all departments, reducing the duplication of the same stock vehicles.


Complete Conformity and Accountability throughout your dealerships where trade-ins are involved
From this day forward using the  Appraisal Solutions MCA online interface portal, your valuer, sales manager and GM will have instant access to all valuations, who appraised it, who valued it, which wholesaler put the best price on it and how much.

Professionally available in PDF format any time to add to each deal by printing it off or emailing it to others to price on your behalf instantly. Track the vehicle through from pending valuation to deal completed and trade in arrived.   

& Much Much More .. So don't delay...

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